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Music Type:  Kompa
The critically acclaimed actor/singer has sung and composed for boss miko's album for the 50 years celebration of kompa music along with top Haitian singers and producers: Michel Martelly, Ralph Conde of Tabou Combo, Richard Richie and others. The track " pa fem sa "is a success and the video clip being played on syndicated stations worldwide; in the U.S, Europe, Haiti, Africa and the Caribbean. Ronald Lebeau has also captived audiences on the big screen; playing in various movies such as "BAD DEAL”, "THE TRAITOR" , "PROFONDS REGRET" and others in the Creole film industry. The album contains ten (10) tracks, combining American JAZZ, R & B, and kOMPA which is the reflection of Haitian culture influenced by Cuban’s style and jazz. Now it your time to own so far the most anticipated album of the year 2008, you can either get a copyat any store or download your favorite tracks on I tunes starting Febuary 13,2008 worldwide.
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