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One Player Games

Solitaire Your well-known solitaire game in flash. Play as long as you want (Flash)

Simon Says   Test Your Memory in this addictive popular game

Snakes Are you good under pressure, Let's see when the snake gets longer and longer (Flash)

Alien A classic airplane shooting game, Place your aim (Flash)

Same Game   Let's see how good your memory can handle the different picture in this popular game

Break Out   Challenge your friend in this well-known game

Concentration   Another very popular one

Checkers   Your traditional checker game

Towers of Hanoi   This is one of my favorite, you must be very smart

Light On Try turning on all the lights in this games, then you will be the hero. Very Hard

Guess It How good are you in guessing? Prove yourself here. Guess the right number between the given range (Flash)

Splat   See how much you can blow up little green guy (Flash)

Two Player Games

Connect 4   Another Popular game one

Tic-Tac-Toe   This is one of the favorite

Musical Games

Bateria If you just want to mess around or ever wanted to play battery and could not afford it (Flash)


Games News


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