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Services that we provide
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Free Email: Get your free email ( for life accessible anywhere in the world. Sign up Today. Email la gratis ti cherie!!! Store: Buy T-shirts, Caps, Haitian Flags, Artists CDs, and everything else. Achté tout bagay mayo, shòt, tas, drapo, etc.. a bon pri.
Advertisement: Click here to advertise on, we have the cheapest prices and provide you with several ways of promoting your business.
Cliké la pou plis infòmasyon si ou ta vlé fè reklam sou sit la.
Web Development: We have regular HTML, ASP and ASP.NET websites, visit our website page.   Nou fè tout kalité sit pou yon ti pri sèlman
Techies' Corner: Read the latest articles and tips on how to write and understand computer programming and software development process. Li tout atik sou kompitè e aprann kòman kompitè funksyoné ak kòman pou nou ekri kod pou kompitè
Ring Tones: Coming Soon!!! You will be able to download Kompa, Rap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Twoubadou ringtones to your cellphone. Voyé nanpòt son nan telefòn ou. Coming Soon!!!
Other Services include
Up-to-Date Weather, Classifieds, Students Corners and more...

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